Replated Meals

From the time it leaves the farm where it's grown to the end of every meal, roughly 40% of food is wasted. When a meal is re-plated, it reduces food waste while providing much needed food security to hungry communities. Replated meals are safe, healthy, and nutritious. 


Replate Certified Businesses

The food service industry, including restaurants, corporations, startups, employers and property owners, is at the heart of providing complete meals to consumers. In this process, however, excess meals that would otherwise be enjoyed by someone in need are thrown away at the end of each day. 

By using the Replate Corporate Sustainability Service, businesses can reduce their waste and demonstrate their social impact through the Replate Zero-Waste Certification Program. The Certification is specifically tailored to each business and measures the sustainability of the company's food facilities in the least intrusive way possible.